Hi, I'm Reneé! A natural light photographer in North East Nebraska, specializing in family, senior, engagement and wedding photography.  I offer custom packages tailored specifically to meet all your needs both now and in the future. Capturing memories on a whole new level, Small Story Photography stands out from all other photographers not only by providing a professional, high-end service but an exceptionally fun, unique and unforgettable photoshoot experience. From choosing your outfits to customizing the perfect photo display in your home you are sure to be pampered with extraordinary service! 

My goal is not to "take" great photos but to "make" great photos. Capturing those candid moments when we forget there's a camera in front of us and we're at our most beautiful. My work approach is professional yet laid back with a good dose of belly laughs. You're trusting me to turn intimate moments into family heirlooms and if that requires me to tell a hundred terrible jokes to get a real smile out of you then you better believe I will! I want your experience with Small Story Photography to be one that will keep bringing you back for more, and for your pictures to be an unforgettable record of a time!



I found my passion for photography 20 years ago when I got my first camera at the age of 14. Inspired by my mother, I learned to create art through a lens and a small story in every shot. 

I was born and raised in the great Pacific Northwest and call Seattle my home. I grew up racing dirt bikes, hiking the great Cascade and Olympic mountains, kayaking the Pudget Sound, salmon fishing in the Columbia River and shooting guns. I'm a coffeeholic, adventure-seeking, adrenaline junkie, lover of all things outdoors. My husband, Jacob, is my best friend and I'm a mother of three crazy, adorable and insanely lovable girls -Elle Jo, Addison, and Kate.



Family photographer